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Investing via Pensions

Investing through your pension is attractively tax efficient, and you may be eligible for ...


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FREE Pension Review

Find out how your pension is performing and what you can do about it ...


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Pension Release over 55

If you are over 55 then you could release up to 25% of your pension as tax-free cash ...


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Annuities & Drawdown

You should always shop around when looking to purchase an annuity. We can find you the ...


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Pension review

A pension review shows how a pension is performing, including growth rates and annual fees. This allows you to see where any money is invested, how much growth is being eroded by fees, whether the fund is growing at a reasonable level and if performance could be improved elsewhere. A regular pension review ensures you are always aware of the state of your pension. Our reviews are free with no obligation to act on our recommendations.

Pension release

Pension release is the withdrawal of money from a pension fund from the age of 55. From this age, you are legally eligible to remove up to 25% of the fund as a tax-free lump sum. The money can be used for any purpose, except for reinvesting back into a pension to claim further tax relief, and is often used to clear debts going into retirement. We provide advice on pension release as part of a pension review, and can facilitate in accessing the money if it is the appropriate decision.


Investing is a popular way of trying to grow the real value of assets faster than inflation can erode it. Investing through a pension attracts valuable tax relief, helping to provide financial security later in life. We invest in a diverse range of equities, UK and overseas commercial properties and bonds, tailoring our clients' portfolios to their attitude to risk and capacity for loss.

Income Drawdown

Income drawdown is when a retirement income is taken directly from a pension fund while the rest of it remains invested, instead of selling the fund to a provider in exchange for an annuity. Current limits on how much money can be removed each year depend on factors including age, the size of the fund and the Government Actuary Department rate. Income drawdown is flexible and the fund can be used to buy an annuity at any point if the individual would prefer the guaranteed income. Upon death, the fund can remain in your estate or be paid to a beneficiary.


An annuity is a promised income for life, in exchange for a pension fund. When you enter retirement, you can sell your fund to an annuity provider and in exchange they will pay you a certain income for the rest of your life. We can get whole of market quotes, ensuring everyone gets the biggest income for their money. There are a number of different annuities, including enhanced, where a person with a reduced life expectancy can get a higher income because it is expected to be paid out over a shorter period of time; yearly increases, where the amount paid out increases each year in line with inflation or a fixed percentage; and joint life, where the spouse or civil partner of the policy holder receives a certain income for a set time if they outlive their partner.


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